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The [PRO] logo next to my nickname. How can I get this logo next to my nickname and register as a professional member?
To register as a professional seller and have the logo [PRO] added to your nickname, you have two possibilities:

  • You are liable to VAT.
In that case, send us your billing address and your VAT number at You will then get a 20% discount on our rates.

N.B. To check if your VAT number is valid, click on the following link:
  • You are not liable to VAT and you don't have a VAT number.
In that case, you can send us your billing address and your trade register number or your TAX ID number. You will then get a 10% discount on our rates.

In both cases, you should always send us a scan of your Federal Tax ID Document".
Note: this document must have been issued for less than a year.

Once we have this document, we will proceed with your registration as a Professional member on the Delcampe.

Once done, you can consult every month your bill and print it by visiting "My Delcampe" > "Account" > "My Delcampe Fees: Account Record".