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How can I report an unpaid item and what is the function?

After the sale has ended, you have two months to fill in a declaration of an unpaid item by going to "My Delcampe" > "Sell" > "My Delcampe fees: Unpaid items". On this page you should fill in the form by indicating ONLY the item number (without the "#" symbol) and give a small explanation to justify why the sale isn't completed. Remark: in order for the system to accept your declaration of an "unpaid item", you will have to give first your buyer a "neutral" or "negative" feedback.
If the declaration of an unpaid item has been accepted, the total commission fee to be paid will be recalculated and your balance will be updated.

If the sale has been closed more than two months ago, it is no longer possible to fill in a declaration of an unpaid item, because the sales are automatically archived by the website and can no longer be cancelled.