Use the Delcampe API to synchronise your sales outside of Delcampe!

They can be on your Internet site, in a database or even on another marketplace like eBay.

Thanks to the API system, your sales will be synchronised with Delcampe. Every new sale will be visible everywhere. When an item is sold, it is automatically removed from the other platform with no manual intervention required.

Your sales will gain a great deal of visibility. You'll thus sell better and sell more!

And...use of the API system is completely free!


Once installed and configured by your programmer, the Delcampe API acts in three ways:

  • When you create a sale on your Internet site, it is also created in your Delcampe store automatically.
  • When you change or close a sale on your Internet site, it is also automatically changed or closed in your Delcampe store.
  • When an item is sold on one of the two Internet sites, the sale is automatically closed on the two sites (unless there is stock remaining).


  • Contact our API Service at email address:
  • We'll create your account and give you the information required for integration.
  • Pass along this information to your programmer or have them contact us.

Conditions for use

  • Have a Club+ Gold   membership
  • Have a professional PRO account with Delcampe.

Programmer resources

Developers will find all the information they need on the following pages (in English).


You can contact Customer Service at
for assistance installing your API. Your programmer will have access to a forum where they can ask questions directly to the Delcampe programmers.
Information about this specialised forum will be provided to you when you open your API account.