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    I chose to write this message in English as the subject is about an English book. However I can "accept" answers in other languages (Dutch, French and German).

    OK, here we go. I found in my cellar an old book entitled CHAMBERS'S ETYMOLOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY (Ed. 1898).

    So, my question is quite classic: what could be the approx. value of such a book ? Is it rare/common ? Is there a handbook of the Chambers's dictionaries ?

    Anyhow, I have checked a little bit on Internet, and could appreciate Chambers's dictionaries. This editor was famous as being a primary source for dictionaries. However, I did not found anything about the work I have. It could be either that the work is so common that it is not worthwhile to mention anything about it .... or it is so rare, that nobody knows anything about it (which I doubt). I am sure the thrue would somewhere in the middle.

    Any comment is welcome (handbooks, catalogs, auction results, etc.)

    Thanks in advance.