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Israel was founded in 2004 by Alex Ben-Arieh and is the leading online dealer of collectibles related to Israel and the Holyland, and more broadly the Middle-East, wartime, the Arab community, the Zionist movement & Judaism.

Our offering includes all types of NUMISMATICS, from ancient to modern; PHILATELY, from stamps to postal history - including rates, routes, postal stationary, postmarks, cachets and postal markings, perforations and paper, airmail, surface mail, military & civilian mail, postage dues & taxed mail, censored mail, camp/POW/Red Cross mail & more; MILITARY badges, pins, emblems & uniforms of Israeli, Jewish units, Zionist underground & Arab armies; MEANS of PAYMENT - banknotes, script, scripophily, paper tokens, stock certificates, bonds & more; JUDAICA - medals & tokens, Rabbincal letters & signatures, Hassidut, religious books, artwork, ephemera & postcards; ISRAELIANA/PALESTINA - ephemeral & exonumic memorabilia + maps, periodicals, postcards, advertisements
Alex Ben-Arieh

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3/1943 WWII Transatlantic Airmail From Trinidad Via BEIRUT To HAIFA Censored 5 Times - WW2 6/17/19 at 9:58 AM
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Egyptian Set Of 6x Revenue Stamps For Gaza 1948-59 Overprinted Palestine, MNH - Egypt 5/7/19 at 8:59 AM
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