Highest price - mint or postally used?

  • kipvits

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    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in whether postcards reach higher prices being either mint or postally used (with postage stamp(s) still attached)?
  • mainlypostcards

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    United Kingdom

    I don't think it makes any difference in general.
    Possible exception for WW1 postcard, which are sent from the front by a soldier.
    I do have a few customers though, who buy postcards purely for the postmark, rather than the image on the card.
  • philipano

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    A lot of my customers like cards with stamps and cancel, I can tell when a buyer purchase 10 cards from me and all are cancelled -------- I prefer cards with cancel & stamp to document when card was actually mailed
  • kipvits

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    Thanks for your answers.

    Most picture postcards are rarely unique when still mint.

    Postally used picture postcards, that are in a good condition or even better, can be considered the closest one gets to unique items telling a story of its own. That is also what I prefer to collect, but some postcards are really hard to come by in a postally used condition.

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