what does logo mean?

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    I'm sure I've asked this before (didn't there used to be somewhere you could find YOUR OWN posts?) what does this logo stamped on an old German postcard signify, a translation makes no sense! but it does start with "member...
  • bjornmu

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    Schmuckgemeinschaftswerbung would be something like jeweler's association. But I'm puzzled by the last part Werbung ("advertisement"), probably it means something else in this context.
  • joulie

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    Jewelry community advertising

    "Community advertising is a form of collective advertising. The companies involved are not mentioned individually in the advertising, but generally a product (e.g. "Drink more milk", "Eat more fruit") is advertised. In this respect, one can speak of anonymous collective advertising."
    (from a german lexicon)
  • dave43

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    United Kingdom

    Thanks for that, do you think it was current with the card ie 1917, dunno what jewelry has to do with card of Luneberg Heath! Card was bought for Feldpost connection

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