Waiting for my ship to leave Antwerp &Paying for stuff

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    "Shipment" is really an American term, although Delcampe use it in their "UK English" version as well as their US English version.
    What does it actually mean in English ? Posting, or delivery ?

    I would have thought that when you "shipped" a small collectable abroad yesterday, you posted it yesterday. It wasn't delivered yesterday.

    So I don't know how Americans see this, but "Awaiting shipment" means "Not yet posted". This is usually wrong. The Delcampe category should be "Not yet delivered" or "Not yet received".

    You can look at the other languages. and Delcampe renders it :
    À recevoir [to be received], Lieferung ausstehend [delivey outstanding].
    Da ricevere [similar to the French], A recibir [similar to the Italian],
    and Te ontvangen [to receive, or similar, in Dutch].

    I can't be the only newcomer to find this "Awaiting shipment" confusing. It ought to be easy to change it to "Awaiting delivery", like in the German version.

    I am also unclear of the difference between an invoice and a "payment request" on Delcampe, especially in phrases sometimes sent to BUYERS like "You already sent your payment request." * Surely the seller sends the payment request, essentially the very same thing as an invoice ? I don't request payment from the seller. Suffice it to say that I don't always understand what Delcampe means. Am I stupid ?
    *Incidentally, "already sent" rather than "have already sent" is American English.

    I don't think I'm entirely stupid, because they regularly say "Pay your purchases", and of course it should be "Pay for your purchases". You pay the seller, or the bill, not the purchases. I'm not sure if Americans would say "Pay your purchases", but they use bill to mean note (i.e. pound note, dollar bill), and they use check to mean bill, and I don't know what they call cheque. If Delcampe is going to have UK English and US English separate, it would help everyone if they really did make this distinction properly where it is necessary, and in financial transactions it often is very helpful, to avoid confusion.

    This comment was written in standard European English, just as Delcampe naturally uses the European forms of French and Spanish. Of course Delcampe needs to cater for transatlantic customers too, but not at the expense of confusing the European ones. Where it claims to be in one form of English or another (and if you check, you will find that you have chosen one), then it should be, and it should as far as possible be correct. They must have had years and years to sort out this kind of mistake.

    Illustrated, left to right: A shipment, Dollar Bill, A Scottish pound note.
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    When you buy something from Johnny and click "Item received" you get the message
    "Johnny's payment request has been marked as "Received" and moved to the corresponding tab."

    That doesn't make sense. The item is not the same as the payment request. The payment request was always received (if Johnny is a foreigner) AT LEAST two days before you received the item. And if after your click you then go to the appropriate page, it is indeed "Item received" which you find has just been ticked. Delcampe's English language messages (both UK and US) are seriously in need of revision.

    Does anybody else find all this confusing, or do you just learn to live with it ? Perhaps it only affects buyers, not sellers.
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    I am a Londoner by birth but have "gotten" used to American English since I moved to Philippines a decade ago.

    Delcamoe is a Belgian/French site with no native English speakers on their team, so it is hardly surprising that some of the translations are iffy, wrong, irritating.or, occasionally, very amusing.

    Actually they do a pretty good job in their translations to various languages. Could be better of course but I have been a seller here for several years and just take a deep breath and sigh nowadays.

    Happy selling.....

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