My name is George Perantoni.  Let me introduce my father Victor Perantoni, a world-wide lifetime collector:    Hello, my name is Victor Perantoni.  I welcome you to "The Lion's War" Delcampe store".  I'm an Italian born in Lwow (Lviv, Leopolis) Poland in 1912, and I lived in Valpolicella Italy, Eastern Poland, and the Galicia region of Ukraine.  I passed away in 2002 after a lifetime of worldwide travel, and having re-settled my family from Italy, Australia, and in USA.  In my lifetime have been able to collect items pertinent to the countries which I have traveled and lived in.  My son George has written a book about my collections, travels and experiences, titled: “Arrivederci Leopolis. The Lion's War.” (by George Perantoni and Sam Ivey, published by Amazon). This book contains information about my collections, and narrates the misfortunes my family and fellow collectors suffered from Germany's attack on Poland, and the Nazi war policies in Italy.

Our “Lion's War” Delcampe Store sells exclusively items collected by Victor Perantoni during his life in Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, USA, and  some worldwide travel.  Most of his collections are Stamps and Philately, but he also collected some coins and art.  Prior to the war Victor and his father, Carlo Perantoni, owned and operated our wine and pasta tavern "Winiarnia Italia" located in Lwow Poland (Leopoli) from 1905 to 1939, and subsequently lost due to Nazi aggression, followed by the Soviet invasion.  Some artifacts from the tavern were salvaged, and these will soon be listed in “Lion's War” Delcampe Store.
“Lion's War” Delcampe Store is named after the city where Victor was born in (Lviv-Leopoli) which means "Lion" and "City of Lion". The "Lion's War" refers to the historical fact that the population of Eastern Poland and the city of Lwow (Leopoli) were invaded four times by two aggressive and violent armies in the first two years of WWII.    Polish soldiers fought valiantly against the Nazis for freedom of their country,  and they helped liberate Italy, but in 1945 when Allied nations celebrated victory Poland fell captive to the Soviets once more, and their brave Polish army could not return to their homeland, having gained nothing for their sacrifices.
Our book Arrivederci Leopolis. The Lion's War contains information about Victor's collections which are being listed on Delcampe.  It narrates how some of Victor's collections had been obtained and harbored during tragic war-time experiences endured by Victor and his stamp-collector friends, who found themselves on both sides of enemy lines in North Italy.  Victor’s best friend from Leopoli, the world-renown Polish stamp-collector Andre Frodel, is the main character and hero of our book.   As an Allied Officer he fought alongside brave soldiers of the Polish 2nd Corps in the battles of Montecassino and Bologna.  Victor and Andre reunited in Mantova Italy in late 1944 during the RSI Nazi-Fascist occupation.  There in  Mantova they ate Pasta, drank wine, and traded stamps … while Nazi SS troops were searching the city for their whereabouts.  More information on Andre Frodel can be read in "Arrivederci Leopolis. The Lion's War" by George Perantoni and Sam Ivey, published by Amazon.

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